About sifta

Adcorp is a leader in the provision of digital services to the employment sector, with a long history of providing insightful, relevant and results driven solutions. sifta is our flagship product, providing employment microsites, niche job board and applicant processing services.

Building on 15+ years of experience in job board and applicant tracking systems (ATS) technology development (including career.com.au, employment.com.au, RecruitManager and careerone.com.au) we have created a flexible solution to meet your specific needs.

Adcorp has a package to suit your business needs whether you are:

Employment microsite and Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An employment microsite is a custom web portal providing you with the ability to attract high quality applicants which links seamlessly into our applicant tracking system. sifta is a fully featured, component based ATS allowing you to choose the features that suit your needs.

Your own custom URL

sifta is a hosted, web-based solution, allowing you to customise your own private URL based on our unique suite of industry relevant addresses. No other vendor can offer access to our range of industry addresses. Capitalise on the traffic generated by these unique URLs by choosing from any (or all!) of the following:

You can also choose to use your own preferred URL and we can host the site for you.